Dr. Alexander Hayes is an Australian multi-disciplinary artist, acclaimed Web3lit author, entrepreneur and scholar with a PhD. by thesis focused on the social and ethical implications of emergent wearable and embodied technologies, from intercultural perspectives and multidisciplinary approaches. Over thirty years, Hayes has developed a reputation for emancipatory, cross-cultural, and creative social action initiatives, leading rigorous academic research inquiry, published in leading peer-reviewed journals. As a principal partner of Oethica Group Productions, Hayes co-designs online solutions, project manages and administers computing and information systems with First Nations leaders, charitable foundations, NGOs and their corporate partners with a social justice and human rights remit. Hayes also collaborates widely across international networks and national communities of practice, producing special issue articles, book chapters and opinion papers.


  • All publications available at
  • Pervasive Technology: Aboriginal Communities and Oppression [Opinion]
  • Google Glass: A certain reality
  • 2015 SCIT EIS Trade Showcase Poster
  • Reflections: Glass & Mobile Learning
  • #glassmeetup
  • On Country: Australian Aboriginal Communities, Mining and Artificial Intelligence [Opinion]
  • On the Road with Rick Sare and Google Glass [Interview]
  • My Journey into Glass: Talking about Google Glass with stakeholders in the Glass Explorer Program
  • Identity awareness and re-use of research data in veillance and social computing
  • Cyborg Cops, Googlers, and Connectivism [Leading Edge]
  • The Sky Is the Limit [Interview]
  • National Snapshot: Current Use of POV Technologies 2010 Australian Educational Context
  • 2014 SCIT Showcase Poster
  • The Application of Location-Enabled Body-Worn Technologies In The Education Sector [Invited Speaker]
  • Google Glass in the Health Professions
  • Alexander Hayes on AR: It’s a shift in humanity, not in technology! [Interview]
  • The Null Hypothesis: On Country, Cyborgs and the Singularity [Interview]
  • Uberveillance: Where Wear & Educative Arrangement [Presenter]
  • Streamfolio Mahara Introduction [Presenter]
  • Social Surveillance [Presenter]
  • Uberveillance: Where Wear and Educative Arrangement
  • Interview with Professor Mark Billinghurst [Interview]
  • Interview with Cecilia Abadie - Google Glass Explorer [Interview]
  • Interview with Stephen Downes [Interview]
  • MobilizeThis 2010: Five Years On Five Years Back [Presenter]
  • Connect: SISAT Research Student Colloquium [Presenter]
  • Location Enabled Body Worn Technologies In The Education Sector
  • Location Enabled Body Worn Technologies In The Education Sector [Presenter]
  • Identity of Research Data

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