Dr Anne Poelina is a Nyikina Warrwa (Indigenous Australian) woman who belongs to the Mardoowarra, the lower Fitzroy River in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Poelina is an active Indigenous community leader, human and earth rights advocate, filmmaker and a respected academic researcher, with a Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Master of Education, Master of Arts (Indigenous Social Policy) and currently Doctor of Philosophy (Health Science) with thesis title, 'Cultural Determinants of Indigenous Health and Wellbeing’. She is currently an Adjunct Professor with the Nulungu Research Institute and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Notre Dame, (Broome) Australia, a Research Fellow with the Northern Australia Institute at Charles Darwin University and Chair, of the Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council.


  • https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6461-7681
  • Nyikina Collaborative Filmmaking in the Kimberley: 'Learning to Listen with Your Eyes, and See with Your Ears'
  • Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council: an Indigenous cultural approach to collaborative water governance
  • Mardoowarra - Fitzroy River
  • Eco-activism and Social Work
  • A Coalition of Hope! A Regional Governance Approach to Indigenous Australian Cultural Wellbeing
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  • Why universities need to declare an ecological and climate emergency
  • Becoming Family with Place
  • Sharing a place-based indigenous methodology and learnings
  • Recognizing the Martuwarra's First Law Right to Life as a Living Ancestral Being
  • Sustainable Luxury Tourism, Indigenous Communities and Governance
  • Kimberley Transitions, Collaborating to Care for Our Common Home: Beginnings
  • Moving from reactive to proactive development planning to conserve Indigenous community and biodiversity values
  • Kickstart Your Literature Search
  • Country
  • Singing Yoongoorrookoo
  • Bookarrarra Liyan Mardoowarra Booroo [Online Video]
  • Singing Yoongoorrookoo [Online Video]
  • Balkinjirr Poem
  • What is Fracking? [Online Video]
  • Protecting the River of Life
  • Can the Fitzroy River Declaration ensure the realisation of the First Laws of the River and secure sustainable and equitable futures for the West Kimberley?
  • Australian Indigenous Water Policy and the impacts of the ever-changing political cycle
  • Guardians of the Mardoowarra!
  • Building research partnerships for sustainable and innovative Indigenous communities in Australia’s Kimberley: Outcomes of a ‘Think-tank’ workshop
  • Warloongarriy Law – First Law: Protecting the Right to Life for the Mardoowarra National Heritage Listed Fitzroy River
  • Mardoowarra's Right To Life [ Online Video ]
  • Productivity Commission Draft Report: National Water Reform 2017
  • A Lucky Country and a Fair Go
  • Report 1606 Thunderbird Mineral Sands Project
  • Kimberley water futures workshop - Exploring water governance in the Kimberley
  • Indigenous engagement with science: towards deeper understandings, Inspiring Australia : A National Strategy for engagement with the sciences
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  • The Elders’ Report into Preventing Indigenous Self-harm & Youth Suicide
  • Redstone Statement
  • Nyikina Mangala Mardoowarra (Fitzroy River): Sustainable Livelihoods on Country Case Study - Topical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge
  • Nyikina and Mangala Mardoowarra Wila Booroo Natural and Cultural Heritage Plan
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  • Investing in the Nyikina Language and Culture Hub [Archival Digital Video]
  • Robert Watson
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  • Making Singing Sticks for Warloongarriy [Archival Digital Video]
  • Kimberley Transitions, Collaborating to Care for Our Common Home: Beginnings
  • A report of the Derby/West Kimberley Project: working with adolescents to prevent domestic violence
  • Koongkara [Archival Digital Video]
  • The Nyikina Cultural Centre [DVD]
  • Nyikina Cultural Activities [VHS]
  • Keep'n It Real [DVD]
  • Martuwarra Fitzroy River Voice for Peace – World Rivers Day 2021
  • Yoongoorrookoo
  • Feeling and Hearing Country
  • For the greater good? Questioning the social licence of extractive-led development in Western Australia's Martuwarra Fitzroy River region
  • Hearing, voicing and healing: Rivers as culturally located and connected
  • Martuwarra Country: A historical perspective (1838-present)
  • A Conservation and Management Plan for the National Heritage Listed Fitzroy River Catchment Estate (No. 1)
  • River relationships: For the love of rivers
  • Living Waters, Law First: Nyikina and Mangala water governance in the Kimberley, Western Australia
  • Stop Burying the Lede: The Essential Role of Indigenous Law(s) in Creating Rights of Nature

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