Ruth Mirams

Co-founder, Paramodic (Digital heritage)


Ruth is internationally recognised for her system thinking capacity in scientific research, human biochemistry and narrative knowledge sharing. The common thread running through these experiences is that she believes data should work to honour and build value for the people who share and create it. Ruth values data for the human value can bring. She co-founded Paramodic in 2013 to with people to articulate value from datasets linking scientific knowledge, Indigenous wisdoms, human centred design and more.


  • Dragon Hunters: Jamming and the Public Service.
  • Multiple Binding Sites on the Pyrin Domain of ASC Protein Allow Self-association and Interaction with NLRP3 Protein. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M112.381228
  • Cadmium (II) complexes of the glycerophosphodiester-degrading enzyme GpdQ and a biomimetic N, O ligand. doi: 10.1007/s00775-008-0392-5
  • A structural and catalytic model for zinc phosphoesterases. doi: 10.1039/B806391E
  • Synthesis and characterization of the tetranuclear iron (III) complex of a new asymmetric multidentate ligand. A model for purple acid phosphatases. doi: 10.1039/B709293H

Ruth Mirams's public data