The Final Report: Running an online, international peer-mentoring program

Over four years, the International Librarians Network (ILN) provided free online peer-mentoring to over 5,500 participants from 130 countries. Participants used the program to explore the international world of librarianship, building global networks and sharing knowledge with colleagues around the world.

In March 2017, the Directors of the ILN announced that they were discontinuing the ILN’s peer mentoring program. In announcing the shut-down of the program, the Directors hoped to encourage other members of the library and information community to build on the successes of the ILN to create their own professional development programs. This report was created to document the processes used to run the program and the lessons learned.

This report outlines the establishment of the ILN as well as information about the ILN’s organisational structure and volunteer management. It includes information on marketing, social media, website content and technology. The report also outlines the ILN’s financial and legal considerations, discusses the challenges the ILN faced and outlines the closedown of the ILN’s program.

This report, and the supplementary program material, is released under a Creative Commons licence to support others that may wish to use, remix, or further develop it to continue to offer innovative services to those seeking professional development.