figshare ambassadors

  • Organize and lead figshare demos and presentations
  • Share your research on figshare, making it publicly available
  • Invite your friends and colleagues to try out figshare
  • Ensure that figshare is represented on your Library or Society website
  • Add a link to your Ambassador Profile in your e-mail signature
  • Help us learn about the particular needs of your University or Institution
  • Spread the word locally, using posters and flyers and online via blogs and discussion
  • Give us some feedback on what you'd like to see

sign me up!

sign me up!

you too can become an open access champion by helping your colleagues make their research more efficient

helping you, help us, help research...

helping research...

To help you share the ethos of figshare to your colleagues, we have created a customisable presentation that covers all the main points.
You are welcome to create your own presentation or tweak this on however you want.
Download Presentation
figshare presentation template
Help spread awareness of figshare and the benefits of open research by putting up the figshare poster in your building or at your desk.
Simply download below and print it off.
Download Poster
figshare general purpose poster

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