Erinma Ochu

Senior Lecturer, Digital Media & Communications (Communications engineering not elsewhere classified)

Greater Manchester, London

I am a transdisciplinary neuroscientist, a storyteller, creating wayward experiments in collective consciousness for living and thriving in a warming world. My practice informed research seeks to co-imagine possibilities for living, engaging with queer and black feminist epistemologies. I take a critical yet affirmative standpoint at the intersection of art, technology and open science to co-design methodologies, tools and communal experiences to steward our micro-environments from the weathering of colonialism, imperial science and the climate and biodiversity crises and their consequent widening social inequities. I earned a PhD in Applied Neuroscience from The University of Manchester and trained in story development, film production and distribution as EAVE graduate, Power to the Pixel, Transmedia Next and Sources2 script mentor. As executive producer for B3 Media, I set up shorts to feature development programmes. As the first curator of The Exchange, over 5 years I established


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Samuel Illingworth

PDRA - The University of Manchester

Samuel Illingworth

Farida Vis

Farida Vis

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