Erinma Ochu

Associate Professor, Immersive Media at The University of the West of England (Communications engineering not elsewhere classified; Communication technology and digital media studies)


Dr Erinma Ochu is Wallscourt Associate Professor of Immersive Media in the College of Art, Technology and Environment at UWE. They are a member of the DCRC and teach on the Virtual and Extended Realities MA. Building on a background in neuroscience, storytelling and emerging technologies, Erinma’s transdisciplinary research is focused on generating a planetary agenda, #PostCarbonFutures, which considers Extended Reality as a space to re-examine possibilities for life, co-existence and what it means to feel alive. They currently enjoy research collaborations as storytelling lead on national climate justice initiative, Engaging Environments (UKRI-NERC) and as arts lead on Patterns in Practice (UKRI-AHRC) which examines cultures, values and beliefs in practitioners’ use of machine learning. Erinma is co-director of Squirrel Nation, alumni of the Stuart Hall Artist and Scholars Network.


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  • Racism, equity and inclusion in research funding
  • Game over - in search of lost purpose
  • FarmHack Manchester
  • Queer Data Critter
  • FarmHack Manchester
  • Everyday Growing Cultures Final report
  • The Social Life of Data
  • Oxford Road Film
  • Caspases mediate 6-hydroxydopamine-induced apoptosis but not necrosis in PC12 cells
  • Subtypes of NMDA receptor in neurones cultured from rat brain
  • Novel fibonacci and non-fibonacci structure in the sunflower: Results of a citizen science experiment
  • Open in order to... Dream, remake nature
  • Citizen science for community development
  • The Social Life of Data
  • Everyday Growing Cultures Final report
  • Everyday Growing Futures
  • A Place in Parr
  • Collective Consciousness: wayward experiments in decolonising discovery science
  • Time-dependent changes in NMDA receptor expression in neurones cultured from rat brain
  • Caspases Mediate 6-Hydroxydopamine-Induced Apoptosis but Not Necrosis in PC12 Cells
  • Straight-washing ecological legacies
  • Fishing for mammals: Landscape‐level monitoring of terrestrial and semi‐aquatic communities using eDNA from riverine systems
  • Educating the next generation of researchers on open and collaborative data sharing
  • In search of lost purpose: The dream life of digital
  • 'Scientific racism' and structural inequalities: implications for researching black mental health
  • IMMERSE Science in Public
  • A Review of Barriers Women Face in Research Funding Processes in the UK
  • Evidence and Equity @ Communicate 2019
  • Science in Public 2019 Inclusion Policy
  • In search of lost purpose : the dream life of digital

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