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Self-objectification as Predictor of Body Surveillance and Body Shame

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modified on 2021-07-22, 01:15
The data sets were of use in a study entitled "State Mindfulness as Mediator of the Predictive Relationships Between Self-objectification, Body Surveillance, and Body Shame." They are also being used in a new study, incorporating novel information of the research findings entitled "Self-objectification as Predictor of Body Surveillance and Body Shame." Each of the studies were a quantitative correlational study and the data was collected through use of a survey available on Survey Monkey. A month into the data collection procedure, permissions were granted by Survey Monkey to make use of their targeted audience feature to expedite the data collection process. The data made use of validated scales to measure the variables of state mindfulness (state mindfulness scale for physical activity), self-objectification (self-objectification beliefs and behaviors scale), and body surveillance and body shame (objectified body consciousness scale).




Worcester, United States


Grand Canyon University