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Taming Chimeras in Networks by Multiplexing Delays

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modified on 03.03.2020, 18:15
Chimera referring to a coexistence of coherent and incoherent states, is traditionally very difficult to control due to its peculiar nature. Here, we provide a recipe to construct chimera states in the multiplex networks with the aid of multiplexing-delays. The chimera state in multiplex networks is produced by introducing heterogeneous delays in a fraction of interlayer links, refered as multiplexing-delay, in a sequence. Additionally, the emergence of the incoherence in the chimera state can be regulated by making appropriate choice of both inter- and intra layer coupling strengths, whereas the extent and the position of the incoherence regime can be regulated by appropriate placing and values of the multiplexing delays. The proposed technique to construct such tailor-made chimera equips us with multiplex network's structural parameters as tools in gaining both qualitative- and quantitative-control over the incoherent section of the chimera states and, in turn, the chimera. Our investigation can be of worth in controlling dynamics of multi-level delayed systems and attain desired chimeric patterns.