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Supplementary File - Anosmia and COVID-19: Perspectives on its association and the pathophysiological mechanisms involved

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modified on 2020-07-31, 01:26
OBJECTIVE: To analyze the association between the COVID-19 and olfactory changes, as well as summarize the possible pathophysiological mechanisms involved. METHODS: Integrative literature review, conducted from the research in the databases Pubmed, SciELO, Science Direct, LILACS and Cochrane Library, between May 9th and 21st, 2020. For the search, MeSH descriptors were combined with the Boolean operator AND: “Coronavirus Infections” AND “Olfaction Disorders” and “Coronavirus Infections” AND “Neurologic Manifestations”. The study was carried out following the guidelines of the PRISMA guideline. Observational studies, literature reviews and case reports or series, written in Portuguese, English or Spanish, published between January 1, 2020 and May 21, 2020, were included. All the pre-selected articles were fully read by two independent reviewers. In case of disagreement, a third reviewer was contacted.


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