RAAAP-3: HIBARMA - How I Became a Research Manager and Administrator

Posted on 2023-05-05 - 09:21 authored by Simon Kerridge

This collection contains the Questionnaire, Protocol, and Anonymised Data from the RAAAP-3 HIBARMA international survey of research management and administration professionals undertaken in 2022.  This is the third iteration of the survey (2016, 2019 are the previous years) with the intention of building a longitunial picture of the profession around the world. To preserve anonymity the data are presented in a number of datasets linked only by AnalysisRegionofEmployment and for some by CountryOfEmployment, as many of the textual responses, even though redacted to remove institutional affiliation could be used to identify some individuals if linked to the other data. Each dataset is presented in the original SPSS format, suitable for further analyses, as well as an Excel equivalent for ease of viewing. There are additional files in this collection showing the the questionnaire and the mappings to the datasets together with the SPSS scripts used to produce the datasets. 

NOTE that currently (July 2022) only the Questionnaire is here as the data are still be worked on.


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NCURA - RAAAPA project has provided some funding relating to the longitudinal analysis of the three RAAAP surveys


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