Simon Kerridge

Director of Research Services
Canterbury, Kent
Simon has been a research manager and administrator (RMA) for over 25 years, and is currently Director of Research Services at the University of Kent where he is responsible for all aspects of research support at the university. He has a number of external national and international affiliations including being on the EARMA Board and chairing the Awards Committee; the CASRAI Board; the ARMA Advisory Group; the NCURA Select Committee on Global Affairs; and the UK Government Open Standards Board. He is leading the INORMS RAAAP-2 project, is co-investigator on the PIoS project, and an invited expert on the foRMAtoin project. He holds a doctorate in research management and administration, and has specific areas of expertise in: RMA as a profession, research impact, open access, grant management systems, research development, research assessment and research information management.

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