Terrie Simmons-Ehrhardt

Researcher (Anthropology not elsewhere classified)

Richmond, VA

I am an anthropologist interested in using CT scans to study the relationships between the skull and the face for forensic craniofacial identification applications. I am also interested in the applications of 3D scanning, rendering, modeling and web display of bones for forensic science applications.


  • Customizable 3D printed diffusion chambers for studies of bacterial pathogen phenotypes in complex environments
  • Quantitative accuracy and 3D biometric matching of 388 statistically estimated facial approximations of live subjects
  • Evaluation of the suitability of cranial measurements obtained from surface-rendered CT scans of living people for estimating sex and ancestry
  • Open-source tools for dense facial tissue depth mapping of computed tomography models
  • Modernizing Medical Museums Through the 3D Digitization of Pathological Specimens
  • Poster: Interactive Resources for Craniofacial Identification
  • Facilitating Practitioner Interaction with 3D Craniofacial Identification Resources
  • Enhancing Craniofacial Identification Methods with CT Data
  • Three-dimensional Craniofacial Variation of Modern Americans: A Visual Reference to Supplement Facial Approximation Methods
  • Open osteology: Medical imaging databases as skeletal collections
  • Stature estimation using measurements of the cranium for populations in the United States
  • Use of fatty acid methyl ester profiles for discrimination of Bacillus cereus T-strain spores grown on different media
  • User Guide: Dense facial tissue depth mapping of 3D CT models using Meshlab
  • Fileset: Procedure for transforming 3D computed tomography (CT) skull and face models to a common orientation.
  • Innovative Uses of CT Scans for the Enhancement of Forensic Facial Approximation Methods: A Collaboration Between Forensic Science Researchers and Facial Approximation Practitioners
  • Craniofacial Analysis of 3D Computed Tomography (CT) Models and a New Method for Dense Facial Tissue Depth Mapping: A Collaboration between Forensic Science Researchers and Forensic Art Practitioners
  • Cranial and facial inter-landmark distances and tissue depth dataset from computed tomography scans of 388 living persons

Terrie Simmons-Ehrhardt's public data