Christopher Ehrhardt


Richmond, VA, USA

Christopher Ehrhardt is currently an Associate Professor in the Forensic Science Department at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond VA. He received his PhD from UC-Santa Barbara in Earth and Environmental Sciences and completed postdoctoral appointments at the FBI Laboratory’s Research Unit (Quantico, VA) and the National Security Directorate at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (Richland WA). At VCU, his research group studies the biochemistry, optical properties, and genetics of trace biological samples as well as front end methods for resolving cell mixtures for DNA casework.


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  • Optical characterization of epidermal cells and their relationship to DNA recovery from touch samples.
  • Fatty Acid Profiles for Differentiating Growth Medium Formulations Used to Culture Bacillus cereus T-strain Spores.
  • Single cell profiling of surface carbohydrates on Bacillus cereus.
  • Use of fatty acid methyl ester profiles for discrimination of Bacillus cereus T-strain spores grown on different media.
  • An improved method for nanogold in situ hybridization visualized with environmental scanning electron microscopy.
  • Rapid differentiation of epithelial cell types in aged biological samples using autofluorescence and morphological signatures.
  • Simplification of complex DNA profiles using front end cell separation and probabilistic modeling.
  • Analysis of red autofluorescence (650-670nm) in epidermal cell populations and its potential for distinguishing contributors to 'touch' biological samples.
  • Separation of uncompromised whole blood mixtures for single source STR profiling using fluorescently-labeled human leukocyte antigen (HLA) probes and fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS).

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