The Sudanese Researchers Foundation (SRF) addresses the absence of dedicated Sudanese platforms focusing on capacity building, knowledge sharing and research dissemination in a blended continuous education model. In this context we provide a common platform for interaction between Sudanese learners and researchers to establish and drive the momentum of research and education in Sudan. SRF serves as a bridge to link Sudanese undergraduates & postgraduates with the expertise and competence of Sudanese researchers worldwide. Our Mission: Equip young and budding Sudanese scientists to compete up to International standards by the acquisition of core research competencies and academic soft skills. Our Goals: SRF focuses on achieving the following: Establish an index for Sudanese researcher all over the world and connect them. Establish Sudanese researches scientific footprint. Strengthen Sudanese researchers’ core qualities. Encourage Sudanese people to be more involved in research

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