Raúl Ochoa-Hueso

Juan de la Cierva-Incorporacion Research Fellow

As an ecosystem ecologist, I am specially interested in understanding the impacts and consequences of the human-induced global environmental change, particularly air pollution and climate change, on the structure (i.e., biodiversity and abundance of organisms) and functioning (i.e., nutrient cycling, CO2 fluxes) of terrestrial ecosystems and the many links between them (almost infinite!). However, my deepest interests lie in understanding how these “undesired” impacts affect key ecosystem services such as above-ground and below-ground carbon storage , air and water quality and, in the last term, human welfare. If contributing toward this goal requires making all my data, presentations, etc. publicly available, then I am up for it. I also support science transparency and open access and embrace the new technologies as tools to make us better. After all, all I believe in is human progress and the arrival of a truly fair humanity! More data sets are coming soon...

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