Nader Ale Ebrahim

Research Visibility and Impact Consultant (Engineering; Education)

Tehran, Iran & Kula Lumpur, Malaysia

Nader Ale Ebrahim currently works as a “Research Visibility and Impact” freelancer consultant. Nader is also an adjunct lecturer at Alzahra University. His current research interests are University rankings, Open Access, Research visibility, Research Tools, and Bibliometrics. Dr. Nader provides assistance and guidance for researchers in disseminating and promoting their research work to enhance their research visibility and impact and citations. He believes that the research cycle does not end with publications alone, thus he encourages pro-activeness in the dissemination of research outputs. Nader is well-known as the creator of the “Research Tools” Box. His teaching materials ( received over 500k views. He has been invited by numerous universities and research centers to conduct webinars/workshops.


  • Over 100 of Dr. Nader papers/articles have been published and presented in several journals and conferences. Access my latest publications at

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