I am a Leadership Scholar at Adam Smith Business School, specialising in management education through technology. I teach at undergraduate and post graduate level and supervise doctoral research students. My PhD was a cross-disciplinary exploration of prestige and leadership in the Royal Navy, using traditional leadership studies and sociocultural evolution, culminating in the use of Agent Based Modelling to simulate information flows through formal and informal organisational structures. I maintain an interest in sociocultural evolution, researching the role of free-riding in business education group work. I am also very interested in business simulation games and I am a simulation instructor on several platforms. I have executive education experience having worked for a number of clients as a freelance educator before becoming academic. These include a number of blue chip companies aswell as exec ed companies such as Kaplan. I am also a digital educator.


  • Leadership between decks
  • The effects of prestige on collective performance and information flow in a strictly hierarchical institution
  • The effects of prestige on information flow in a hierarchical organisation
  • Developing a school-wide framework for blended and online learning and teaching (BOLT)
  • Early adoption in an agile online teaching environment: an intrapreneurial perspective
  • Early adoption in an agile online teaching environment
  • The escape room: using a simple text-based game to promote business undergraduates’ digital self reliance
  • Educational Technology: A Postdigital Social Tradition

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