Marika Mazzi Boém

X23 Ltd CCO (Other economics not elsewhere classified)

Rome, Italy

I am a digital addicted entrepreneur. At present time I am working at X23 Ltd, as Chief Communication Officer and Strategist. I am also leading the team working on European funding opportunities. As CCO, Strategist of X23 Ltd., I am the referent in Italy for Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General through the consortium coordinated by Madrid Network [Madrid Region through the Madrid Institute for Development (IMADE)], for the development of the EUHeritageTour project. My role is to manage the project tasks as regard strategic and communication plan, to manage X23 staff in the accomplishment of the technological implementations, to disseminate the project across the Italian regions, to acquire new partnerships, as well as cooperating with entities in Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Austria and Cyprus. Coordinating international relationships, planning strategies and supervising project management. I am personally engaged into some disruptive projects: the first one devoted to the universal knowledge,; another one is TillAge, a vertical farm devoted to urban agriculture. Love smart true people while I hate wasting time. Find some publications of mine on

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X23 Ltd CEO - Rome, Salerno, Lisbon, Milan, Tallinn

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