Giuseppe Laquidara

X23 Ltd CEO (Physical sciences)

Rome, Salerno, Lisbon, Milan, Tallinn

Physicist, dad of 4, classic pianist. PhD Physics of Complex Systems [Waves equations, Acoustics of the Sun within Coronal Mass Ejections]. Live electronics, electro-acoustics performer. Founder @ Xóôlab (1999), Xóôlab|Sviluppo (2006), ThePrimate (2009), X23 (2011), EUHeritageTOUR (2013), X23.EVO (2015), EUMillennialsTOUR (2015), Sintonicity (2016). EU expert FP6, 7, H2020. Hi-Lev Expert at Eureka ntw. 25+ yrs background in leading complex projects, exponential growth hacking. 1st lev sushiman.

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Marika Mazzi Boém

X23 Ltd CCO - Rome, Italy

Marika Mazzi Boém

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