Erin McKiernan

I am a researcher working in experimental and theoretical physiology, with an emphasis on neuroscience. Feel free to contact me at with questions or feedback.


  • McKiernan, E.C. (2013). Effects of manipulating slowpoke calcium-dependent potassium channel expression on rhythmic locomotor activity in Drosophila larvae. PeerJ 1:e57.
  • Herrera-Valdez, M.A., McKiernan, E.C., Berger, S.D., Ryglewski, S., Duch, C., and Crook, S. (2012). Relating ion channel expression, bifurcation structure, and diverse firing patterns in a model of an identified motor neuron. Journal of Computational Neuroscience, 34(2): 211-229.
  • Cruz-Aponte, M., McKiernan, E. C., and Herrera-Valdez, M. A. (2011). Mitigating effects of vaccination on influenza outbreaks given constraints in stockpile size and daily administration capacity. BMC Infectious Diseases 11(1), 207.
  • Figueredo, A.J., Hammond, K.R., and McKiernan, E.C. (2006). A Brunswikian evolutionary developmental theory of preparedness and plasticity. Intelligence, 34(2): 211-227.

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