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SSC Ridge Tools 1.0

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posted on 02.05.2013, 19:06 authored by Peter BrettPeter Brett


This package provides several tools for working with curvilinear features extracted from images using ridge detection, as part of research into detection of earthquake damage in urban areas. It was developed at Surrey Space Centre at the University of Surrey in
Guildford, UK.

The curvilinear feature detector used is a single-scale variant of the Lindeberg scale-space ridge detector.


For more information, please see:

P.T.B. Brett and R. Guida. "Bright line detection in COSMO-SkyMed SAR images of urban areas." In Joint Urban Remote Sensing Event 2011 (JURSE 2011), pages 253-256, 11-13 April 2011.


The "ssc-ridge-tools" package can currently only be compiled on 32-bit and 64-bit architectures that support atomic compare-and-swap operations (e.g. recent x86 and x86-64 systems)

It also requires the "mmap()" system call to support the "MAP_SHARED" and "MAP_ANONYMOUS" flags.  Most recent versions of Linux provide this.


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