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NWB2023_Mapping the research-policy ecosystem: who does what, when, where and why?

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posted on 2023-10-02, 19:32 authored by Katherine Hart, Nathalie Cornée, Euan AdieEuan Adie

Policy organisations in the Nordics can draw evidence from a variety of sources, including academic research, government reports, surveys, case studies and stakeholder consultations. This paper’s main contribution will be to map the Swedish research-policy interface, using a bibliometric analysis of Swedish public policy documents. We will use novel techniques to identify patterns of collaboration and knowledge exchange within the ecosystem, characterising the space and to start identifying what factors may shape those dynamics.

We’ll draw from Overton, the world’s largest searchable index of over 8 million public policy documents from around the world in addition to data from a major citation database. We’ll explore: Who are the main ‘players’ in the Swedish research-policy interface? Which organisations publish the most public policy documents and in which subject areas? Is there an identifiable trend amongst highly cited pieces of research within academia vs those which are cited highly in public policy documents? What are the main publication and policy citation trends for Swedish-led research, both nationally and internationally over the last ten years? Which subject areas are of greatest interest to decision-makers, and does this vary by time or location? How is Swedish research generally used to shape Swedish public policies and in which contexts?

Our findings will be of relevance to researchers, research leaders, funders and other stakeholders seeking to enhance the relevance and visibility of their research within policy and practice. This paper will be of particular interest to those seeking to influence public policy within the Nordic region.


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