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NWB2023_Cocreating open science ecosystem to foster the reform of research and researchers assessment

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posted on 2023-10-12, 11:47 authored by Susanna Nykyri, Ilmari Jauhiainen, Laura Niemi, Ari Rouvari

Open Science (OS) is valued in academic environments, but the actual adoption of OS practices lags behind. While some practices, such as OA publishing, have reached levels of adoption that allow them to be viewed as the standard way of producing scientific knowledge, others are not close to being mainstream. In Finland, the Ministry of Education and Culture has recognised the importance of OS for high-quality research and innovation. Therefore, the cocreation of an Open Science ecosystem in national level requires a roadmap: what services need to be in place for the ecosystem to work and what actors are to take the responsibility for providing these services. Now, Finnish Open Science and Research (OScaR) Coordination is using the enterprise architecture method for developing such a roadmap, and for instance, for identifying the essential business capabilities and services required by the open science ecosystem. The national roadmap can work as a launching pad for an international discussion on implementing OS.

A shift towards a culture more favorable of OS is an interplay between multiple factors, including provision of necessary and easy-to-use infrastructure to make the OS practices feasible in the first place, normalization of OS practices, introduction of incentives for researchers to adopt OS practices, and imposition of policies to further consolidate their application. The aim of the presentation is to show the strengths and weaknesses of the OScaR architecture in developing knowledge-based management, administrative services and processes to support information systems and also practices, capabilities and indicators for responsible evaluation.