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Realidad Virtual (RV) & Realidad Aumentada (RA) & Realidad Mixta (RM) | Virtual Reality (RV) & Augmented Reality (RA) & Mixed Reality (RM)

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posted on 12.11.2019, 23:36 authored by Juan Antonio Lloret EgeaJuan Antonio Lloret Egea
The reality in these times begins to be almost like a mirage of ourselves. It is becoming a yearning for artificial improvements around our society and human beings. We are no longer surprised at anything or almost nothing. And we are used to seeing how other realities are created in parallel that it is increasingly difficult to distinguish them by our physical senses. It even threatens our peaceful survival with fiction of anti-rule realities such as deepfake or fakenews. But it also opens doors of hope for thoughts such as 'superman', of which Nietzsche thought of him as a man of transcendence, who surpasses himself and human nature and has overcome the slavery of his condition and has reached a true state of freedom to build and create your own destiny, and invent your values to the beat of your spirit. This new era of VR / AR brings with it new problems to consider, not only scientifically but also on the side of social impact, with possible ethical issues that arise from the greater realism of virtual reality content compared to conventional games that could lead to changes of behavior in real life problems; or health derived from the long-term use of VR / AR screens. And it gives us new commercial and mass market opportunities, with different areas of focus (entertainment, education, training, etc.). It also involves a new and young generation of passionate audiences who discover this field, eager to learn more about best practices, guidelines and their current and future challenges.


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