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NWB2023_Introducing ReformScape an online tool mapping the global research assessment reform landscape

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posted on 2023-10-10, 20:15 authored by Alex Rushforth, Marta Sienkiewicz, Haley Hazlett, Ruth Schmidt, Sarah de Rijcke, Stephen Curry

Over the past decade, international efforts to reform how research is recognized and rewarded in academia have gathered substantial momentum. Animated by concerns that overly-narrow criteria and indicators of research quality are creating unsustainable and unequal career systems and narrowing knowledge production, various reform movements focusing on responsible metrics, research integrity, open research, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion have coalesced under the label of Responsible Research Assessment (RRA).

Reform of research assessment remains however a challenging process because it impacts established processes, cultures and norms. Despite the growing recognition of the need for change, organisations embarking on reforms may not always be sure where is the best place to start. ReformScape aims to help them overcome that hesitancy. ReformScape is an online tool for exploring how academic research institutions around the world have introduced and implemented new responsible research assessment practices. The tool enables more experienced institutions to share what they are doing with the wider world, while helping other institutions gain an overview of global developments in assessment reform. It’s populated with policies, roadmaps and other documents from hundreds of institutions all over the world covering innovations in academic hiring, promotion and tenure assessments, together with expertly curated insights to help users discover and discuss what’s possible.

This poster presentation will introduce ReformScape, describing its origins, the co-creation process behind it, current coverage and scope, and potential for further development. It will provide screenshots of the tool, as well as QR codes linking the NWB audience directly to the tool.


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