Open data is the new standard #engagerdm

2019-03-17T23:16:52Z (GMT) by julien colomb
Why Research Data Management 1/4.

If research data is Clark Kent, open data is Superman, and RDM is the costume.

Please, use and reuse, with or without modification !

version history:
v-1: initial release for early feedback
v-2: release for early feedback
v-3: new subtitles, test a title start, still mostly meant for feedback
v-4: generic and explanation out, core content only ! (beware file name is v_5)
4-5: new subtitles
v-6: new sounds, no subtitle yet
v-7: beta release, maybe final (new credits, small change in music)
v-8: new popeye preview movie, modification of credits, upload with chrome to avoid figshare bug.