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"Sapphire Voyager" MakerBay Concept Electric Vehicle Lab

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posted on 2019-11-30, 07:03 authored by Cesar Jung-HaradaCesar Jung-Harada, AU Ting Joy, Christoph BESSLER, Kenway CHENG, Tsz Hang CHEUNG, Jacky Shek Lun CHU, Wai Yip LEUNG, Sum Cham LAM, Wai Lok LI, Yu Chun TAM, Flora WEIL, Nicole Ka Lai WONG, Kelvin Ka Hin WU, Mason Ngai To YU, David ZUCKER, Roberto Chiavani, Tin Hang, Tom Chi, Lucille Wilson Whitaker
Towards the ideal self-driving electric car
Autonomous vehicles are about to change how we commute, move our goods, services, energy, and everything. The day your vehicle will drive itself silently through traffic, what will you be doing? If you no longer have hands on the steering wheel and feet on the pedals, you could be anywhere in the car with the freedom to sleep, relax, eat, work, play and be immersed in a virtual reality beyond the boundary of the vehicle.

Open hardware optimized for software integration
The future of self-driving vehicles will be driven by the quality of the integration of hardware and software with a prodigiously intuitive and intelligent interface connecting machines and humans. For that, we will make hardware that is extremely simple and robust so it can connect seamlessly with advanced software.

Hard outside, soft inside
Our vehicle combines the industrial and the sensual, the hard and the soft, a sculptural marriage of opposites in an iconic timeless design. A cold multi-faceted shell hosting a warm protective cocoon. Performance and strength on the outside, pleasure and freedom on the inside is our vision of the future of mobility.


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