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Co-creation materials for Sharing Cities

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posted on 20.04.2019, 10:22 authored by Enric Senabre HidalgoEnric Senabre Hidalgo
Co-creation canvases developed for Sharing Cities Summit 2018. More info at

The material consists of (1) Canvas for feedback on policy proposals, by dotmocracy and short, mid and long term action points. (2) Canvas & (3) cards for mapping initiatives of platform economy worldwide, from a 4th helix ecosystem perspective: public administration, business, research and civil society. Canvas (4) & cards (5) for imagining a day in the future of platform economy (2028), with focus on areas of mobility, housing, leisure, communication, knowledge, education, food, energy, health, gender, shopping, finance, relations and care.

The canvas should be printed at a 2 meter width x 1,5 meter height. The cards pages in DinA3 size (ready to cut).

The different icons used for the materials are from the Noun Project, licensed under a Creative Commons license, by Eugen Belyakoff, Zoo, Shashank Singh, Sarah Joy, Monkik, Eucalyp, Viral faisalovers, Makarenko Andrey, Agni, Deemak Daksina, Tomas Knopp, Hafiudin, Made, Sevgenjory, Throwaway icons, Made x Made, Jules Dominic.

More info about the ellaboration process can be found here.