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eBook (epub) version: 15 Years of Essay-Blogs About Contemporary Art & Digital Photography: In-Depth Articles from 1997-2012 By Rick Doble

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posted on 04.10.2016, 07:34 by Rick DobleRick Doble
Rick Doble is the author of 3 books on digital photography and a photography expert for the PIXIQ website with over 100,000 reads of his blogs. In this eBook he has collected 43 of his short, easy to read, essay-blogs written during the last 15 years. These articles explore the artistic potential of digital photography from the earliest days to today. Illustrated with more than 150 photographs, Doble talks about digital photography from a number of perspectives including the influence of modern art, the relation to science, the evolving technology, and the history of the camera. One of these essays written in 1999, about the expressive potential of digital photography, was recently translated into Italian by a prestigious Italian art site and called prophetic by that website.