(Square-)Rooting a spiral: The use of another geometric element in the Rosette Map of the Voynich Manuscript with square roots, golden triangles and spirals

2015-05-08T17:09:19Z (GMT) by Juergen Wastl

A recent paper on the geometry of f86v (‘Rosette map’) of the Voynich manuscript suggested the construction of the basic scaffold of the nine discs via multiple use of the golden ratio with geometric ease and precision (link below).

This paper now shows for the first time, that it is possible, and likely, that geometric knowledge has been used in aligning text in f86v in form of a spiral.

The overlay tests with several spirals provide a valid comparison and alignment with the different types of spirals and show the excellent match and precision with the use of the 'spiral of Theodorus'.

Various postulated geographic locations and analyses of the Rosette map are discussed next to other surprising geometric features (parallel alignments, ratios) and potential re-use in other spiral-based imagery in the Voynich manuscript.