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The Renaissance Simulations Laboratory

journal contribution
posted on 27.01.2017, 19:10 by Kacper Kowalik, Michael Norman, Britton Smith, Matthew Turk
The Renaissance Simulations are a set of astrophysical calculations run on the Blue Waters supercomputer, designed to study the way that the Universe was reionized. The simulations are cutting edge, featuring radiation transport, chemical processes, hydrodynamics, gravity and star formation prescriptions; they have been run on the Blue Waters supercomputer using the ENZO simulation platform. We present the Renaissance Simulations Laboratory (RSL), a web-based mechanism of accessing, analyzing, visualizing, and then studying the outputs from the Renaissance Simulations, taking a hybrid approach of utilizing both general-purpose systems such as the Jupyter Notebook and bespoke, and constructed widgets such as SQL queries around halo catalogs.