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Sirepo: Domain-Rich Computational Physics Gateway

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posted on 2018-09-26, 02:01 authored by Robert NaglerRobert Nagler, Paul Moeller, David BruhwilerDavid Bruhwiler, Maksim RakitinMaksim Rakitin, Oleg Chubar
Sirepo is an open source, domain-rich gateway for computational science. Sirepo is used by both novice and expert physicists and engineers to simulate electromagnetic radiation and charged particle dynamics. Key design objectives are seamless integration with legacy codes, low barrier to entry for new users, configuration transfer to command line mode, catalogue of provenance to aid reproducibility, and simplified collaboration through multimodal sharing.


DE-SC0011237 DE-SC0015209 DE-SC0015212 DE-SC0017162