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Rick Doble's Experimental Photography at a 2008 Exhibit That Compared His Work to the Italian Futurists

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posted on 04.10.2016, 07:19 authored by Rick DobleRick Doble
Starting around the year 2000, Rick Doble was the first to assert that the capabilities of digital photography could achieve the artistic goals of the Italian Futurist movement that flourished one hundred years ago. He had written several essays on this topic and created work in this vein on his website, In 2008 he created a show that specifically highlighted this ability at the reNew, reUSE, reView exhibit at the Eyedrum Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia, USA in January 2008. This PDF document includes the poster from that exhibit, Doble's artist statement, and Doble's experimental photographs next to pictures of Italian Futurist art that were all shown in a repeating cycle on a digital picture frame at the exhibit. Mauro Francaviglia, a leading Italian expert in art and science, wrote in an article in the Journal of Applied Mathematics (Aplimat, Volume VI, 2011) that Rick Doble was the first person to make the claim that the expressive qualities of digital photography could now achieve many of the artistic aims of the Italian