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MOESM7 of The Medicago truncatula nodule identity gene MtNOOT1 is required for coordinated apical-basal development of the root

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posted on 2019-12-20, 06:30 authored by Defeng Shen, Olga Kulikova, Kerstin Guhl, Henk Franssen, Wouter Kohlen, Ton Bisseling, René Geurts
Additional file 7: Figure S7. Maximum likelihood tree of MYB58, MYB63 and MYB85 proteins. The protein sequences of OG0005384 (red) and OG0002420 (green) are obtained from van Velzen et al. (2018). Species include arabidopsis (Athaliana), Eucalyptus grandis (Egrandis), Fragaria vesca (Fvesca), Glycine max (Gmax), medicago (Mtruncatula), Populus trichocarpa (Ptrichocarpa), Parasponia andersonii (Pan) and Trema orientalis (Tor). Numbers at the branches indicate support from 1000 ultrafast bootstrap replicates. OG0005384 containing MYB58 and MYB63 was used as outgroup. (DOCX)


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