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Factor analyses of four measurement models of the Ruminative Thought Style Questionnaire in Study 2.

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posted on 2021-07-26, 17:23 authored by Lilla Nóra Kovács, Natália Kocsel, Attila Galambos, Anna Magi, Zsolt Demetrovics, Gyöngyi Kökönyei

Model 1 = One factor CFA; Model 2 = Second-order four factor CFA; Model 3 = bifactor CFA; Model 4 = bifactor ESEM; AIC, Akaike Information Criteria; χ2, chi-square test statistic; df, degree of freedom; CFI, Comparative Fit Index; TLI, Tucker-Lewis Index; RMSEA, Root Mean Squared Error of Approximation; CI, confidence interval; SRMR, Standardized Root Mean Square Residual.