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posted on 2018-11-24, 07:22 authored by Celia van GelderCelia van Gelder, Patricia M. PalagiPatricia M. Palagi, Gabriella Rustici, Pascal Kahlem
The ELIXIR Training Platform activities build on the training expertise of the 22 ELIXIR member states (Nodes) and are implemented in collaboration with the Training Coordinators Group (TrCG). Together we have established a high-quality and impactful training programme for researchers (TtR), developers and infrastructure operators (TtD), and trainers (TtT) as well as a training infrastructure, including the ELIXIR Training Portal TeSS, an e-learning platform and the Virtual Coffee Room (VCR). To assess and monitor the quality and impact of ELIXIR courses, the Training Platform has defined a core set of KPIs, which is now gradually being adopted throughout the Nodes. The Training Platform has ongoing collaborations with partners such as BD2K-TCC, EDISON, GOBLET and CODATA-RDA. Currently the Training Platform activities focus on sustaining the training infrastructure and extending the portfolio with courses related to newly identified gaps (e.g. Data Management and Stewardship) and on combining courses into learning paths tailored to end-users’ individual needs and competencies. Our ambition is to achieve adoption by all ELIXIR Nodes of the community-defined best-practices, standards, training descriptors and feedback systems (the ELIXIR Training Toolkit), thereby supporting capacity building within the Nodes. National training coordinators play a key role in ensuring the synergy and alignment of the ELIXIR Training Platform activities with their own national training programs. In this way the ELIXIR Training Platform facilitates provision and delivery of high quality training in Europe, which helps to further advance research in the life sciences


ELIXIR-EXCELERATE H2020 Grant 676559