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Molecular Frame Reconstruction using Time-domain Photoionization Interferometry

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posted on 2017-05-22, 16:26 authored by Paul HockettPaul Hockett
Manuscript, supplementary materials and data.

Manuscript - Bootstrapping to the Molecular Frame with Time-domain Photoionization Interferometry (arXiv, Jan 2017), note that the published version is retitled "Molecular Frame Reconstruction using Time-domain Photoionization Interferometry".

Now published in PRL: Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 083401 (2017)

(For general intros to the topic, see also PQE 2018 slides,, and DAMOP 2017 talk video

Docs (pdf):
- Manuscript (arXiv 1701.08432, Jan 2017)
- Manuscript Supplementary Materials (May 2017)
- Data analysis summary (Oct. 2016)
- Concept figure (April 2017)
- E-dependence of MFPADs over 1 eV ranges, plotted from the ePolyScat calculations (May 2017)

- XUV ionization data (Claude Marceau)
- ADM fitting and extraction (Varun Makhija)
- BLM fitting and matrix element extraction (Paul Hockett)
- ePolyScat calculations (Paul Hockett)
- Tabulated matrix elements and Blms for MFPADs (Paul Hockett)

-, AFPAD calculation and fitting codes (Paul Hockett)
- Rotational wavepacket fitting code coming soon (Varun Makhija)

Data currently supplied in Matlab format only, see .m file for further details and data plotting routines. Additional tabulated data in XML format (spreadsheet).

To process the ePolyScat results, use ePSproc,
(See also