Paul Hockett


  • Time-resolved multi-mass ion imaging: Femtosecond UV-VUV pump-probe spectroscopy with the PImMS camera
  • Multidimensional quantum-enhanced target detection via spectrotemporal-correlation measurements
  • Photoionization from the Xe 4d orbitals of XeF2
  • Quantum Metrology with Photoelectrons, Volume 2: Applications and advances
  • Spectroscopic and Structural Probing of Excited-State Molecular Dynamics with Time-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Ultrafast Electron Diffraction
  • Attosecond pulse trains generated with oriented molecules
  • Complete Photoionization Experiments via Ultrafast Coherent Control with Polarization Multiplexing
  • Photoionization dynamics of polyatomic molecules (PhD thesis)
  • Monitoring non-adiabatic dynamics in CS2 with time- and energy-resolved photoelectron spectra of wavepackets
  • Molecular Frame Reconstruction Using Time-Domain Photoionization Interferometry
  • Quantum Metrology with Photoelectrons, Volume 1: Foundations
  • Excited state dynamics of CH 2 I 2 and CH 2 BrI studied with UV pump VUV probe photoelectron spectroscopy
  • Photoelectron angular distributions from resonant two-photon ionisation of adiabatically aligned naphthalene and aniline molecules
  • Multivariate discrimination in quantum target detection
  • Auger electron angular distributions following excitation or ionization from the Xe 3d and F 1s levels in xenon difluoride
  • Towards molecular frame photoelectron angular distributions in polyatomic molecules from lab frame coherent rotational wavepacket evolution
  • Attosecond pulse trains generated with oriented molecules
  • Probing polar molecules with high harmonic spectroscopy
  • Erratum: Probing Polar Molecules with High Harmonic Spectroscopy (Physical Review Letters (2012) 109 (233904)
  • Time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy: From wavepackets to observables
  • Time-resolved photoelectron spectra of CS2: Dynamics at conical intersections
  • Probing ultrafast dynamics with time-resolved multi-dimensional coincidence imaging: Butadiene
  • Revealing the cooper minimum of N 2 by molecular frame high-harmonic spectroscopy
  • Complete determination of the photoionization dynamics of a polyatomic molecule. II. Determination of radial dipole matrix elements and phases from experimental photoelectron angular distributions from à Au1 acetylene
  • Time-resolved imaging of purely valence-electron dynamics during a chemical reaction
  • Rotational dephasing of symmetric top molecules: Analytic expressions and applications
  • Photoionization dynamics of ammonia (B1E″): Dependence on ionizing photon energy and initial vibrational level
  • Photoelectron angular distributions from rotationally state-selected NH3(B1E″): Dependence on ion rotational state and polarization geometry
  • Controlling the interference of multiple molecular 0rbitals in high-harmonic generation
  • Rotationally resolved photoelectron angular distributions from a nonlinear polyatomic molecule
  • Complete determination of the photoionization dynamics of a polyatomic molecule. I. Experimental photoelectron angular distributions from à Au1 acetylene
  • Complete photoionization experiments via ultrafast coherent control with polarization multiplexing. II. Numerics and analysis methodologies
  • Maximum-information photoelectron metrology
  • General phenomenology of ionization from aligned molecular ensembles
  • Nonclassical correlations between terahertz-bandwidth photons mediated by rotational quanta in hydrogen molecules
  • Coherent control of photoelectron wavepacket angular interferograms
  • Time delay in molecular photoionization
  • Reply to Comment on ‘Time delays in molecular photoionization’
  • Angle-resolved RABBITT: theory and numerics
  • Coherent imaging of an attosecond electron wave packet
  • Quantum-beat photoelectron-imaging spectroscopy of Xe in the VUV
  • Topical Review: Extracting molecular frame photoionization dynamics from experimental data

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