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Additional file 1: of The linear mitochondrial genome of the quarantine chytrid Synchytrium endobioticum; insights into the evolution and recent history of an obligate biotrophic plant pathogen

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posted on 10.09.2018, 05:00 by Bart van de Vossenberg, Balázs Brankovics, Hai Nguyen, Marga van Gent-Pelzer, Donna Smith, Kasia Dadej, Jarosław Przetakiewicz, Jan Kreuze, Margriet Boerma, Gerard van Leeuwen, C. André Lévesque, Theo van der Lee
Figure S1. PacBio read mapping to the S. endobioticum mtDNA. Figure S2. Dotplot internal repeat structure TIRs Figure S3. Dotplot repeat in AT-rich region containing dpoB gene Figure S4. Interspecies comparison of organisation and orientation of mitochondrial genes, tRNAs and rRNAs Figure S5. Haplotype network based on CDS of mtDNA genes S. endobioticum Figure S6. Within-strain diversity in haplotype network based on polymorphic sites of the S. endobioticum mtDNA Figure S7. Synchytrium taraxaci Taqman assay Figure S8. TdT-tailing controls. (DOCX 2313 kb)