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The Commonest Speech Sounds: Prevalence Rates for Phonemes of the World

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posted on 2017-07-10, 07:30 authored by Suzy J StylesSuzy J Styles
Prevalence rates of speech-sounds across 1672 languages. Data from PHOIBLE Online. Colour scale indicates range from the listed percentage to the next higher percent. Latest version includes updated colours for more-effective lookup.

A version of this figure first appeared in Styles SJ (2016) ‘Sensory worlds: Multisensory outcomes of sensory tuning to phoneme structure’ Presentation at the 5th Southern African Microlinguistics Workshop, Bloemfontein, South Africa, November 2016.

Full peer-reviewed report can be found in this open access journal article: Styles SJ & Gawne L (2017) 'When does maluma/takete fail? Two key failures and a meta-analysis suggest phonology and phonotactics matter' I-Perception. July-August. 1-17.


Nanyang Technological University (NAP-SUG-M4081215)