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Verification of PyGBE-LSPR on the extinction cross-section of a single nanosphere

posted on 2018-12-23, 13:49 authored by Natalia C. ClementiNatalia C. Clementi, Christopher D. Cooper, Lorena A. BarbaLorena A. Barba
Reproducibility package for the paper PyGBe-LSPR---Computational nanoplasmonics for biosensing applications.

Contains all the files needed to reproduce Figure 6 of the paper, presenting verification of the PyGBe code computing the extinction cross section as a function of wavelength for a single silver nano sphere.

The included Jupyter notebook displays the results as well as reproduces the plots as they appear in the paper.

The user only needs to doweled the .zip file—the images are duplicated on this deposit at the root level, to take advantage the Figshare viewer.


EAGER: Cyberinfrastructure Reproducibility Project: Computational Science and Engineering

Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Engineering

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