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Survey of Norwegian High School Students about Use of Snapchat Stories

posted on 2016-06-27, 11:42 authored by Jill Walker RettbergJill Walker Rettberg
Data from a survey of 35 students in a Norwegian high school class (mostly 17-year-olds) on 1 June 2016, by Jill Walker Rettberg, Professor of Digital Culture, University of Bergen. See for details.

I gathered this data for a project on Snapchat narratives. I want to understand how stories are told on Snapchat. My main method is textual analysis, and this data is simply intended to give me a better idea of whether users actually watch Live stories and other stories, and whether they make them - and to give me some ideas for where to dig deeper as I continue researching stories. I plan to visit more high schools to get more responses, but since Snapchat's interface changed in 2016, the results won't be directly comparable.

Importantly, this data was collected BEFORE the update in mid-June that made Live Stories and Discover channels look the same. I assume the numbers will change with this interface change.

They survey was conducted in Norwegian. One of the images in the fileset shows the survey as administered. The other image shows a translation into English. I have translated the comments as directly as possible before transcribing them into the spreadsheet. The image of a filled out survey is a translation of the Norwegian survey the students actually filled out. 

The original Google spreadsheet is at