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Perspectives from individuals who use augmentative and alternative communication on communication access in restaurant settings

posted on 2024-06-30, 23:20 authored by Kylie Robinson, Shelley Lund

Communication accessibility has been defined by many scholars and organizations, but it is generally described as clear communication that everyone can access and understand. The objective of this manuscript was to assess communication accessibility for people who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) within a variety of restaurant settings through interviewing five adults who utilize AAC as their primary form of communication. Interviews were qualitatively coded and revealed common communication accessibility themes restaurants and restaurant staff were not implementing, such as direct communication and increasing AAC awareness. The implications of the interview data include its potential usage in training restaurant staff and management to utilize communication accessibility tips and features to increase the communication accessibility of the restaurant patrons they serve, especially for individuals who use AAC. This could then lead researchers in creating a formal training schema for restaurants to implement into their businesses reliably and effectively.