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PHEME rumour scheme dataset: journalism use case

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posted on 21.04.2016, 12:12 by Arkaitz Zubiaga, Maria Liakata, Rob Procter, Geraldine Wong Sak Hoi, Peter Tolmie
This is a dataset collected and annotated within the journalism use case of the PHEME FP7 project. These rumours are associated with 9 different breaking news. It was created for the analysis of social media rumours, and contains Twitter conversations which are initiated by a rumourous tweet; the conversations include tweets responding to those rumourous tweets. These tweets have been annotated for support, certainty, and evidentiality.

The dataset contains 330 conversational threads (297 in English, and 33 in German), with a folder for each thread.

License: The annotations are provided under a CC-BY license, while Twitter retains the ownership and rights of the content of the tweets.


PHEME FP7 project (grant no. 611233)