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Oxford Screening of CSF and Respiratory Samples ('OSCAR'): interactive data visualisation using Krona to display results from a pilot project using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for identification of viruses from clinical laboratory samples

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posted on 19.12.2017, 15:30 authored by Tanya Golubchik, Colin Sharp, William Gregory, Anna McNaughton, Nicholas Gow, Alina Mirea, Mathyruban Selvaratnam, Dona Foster, Monique Andersson, Katie Jeffery, Paul Klenerman, Philippa MatthewsPhilippa Matthews
This is an html file that allows visualisation of metagenomic dataset from a pilot project to screen CSF and respiratory samples using Illumina HiSeq after completion of routine diagnostic testing in a UK microbiology laboratory.

This study was approved through the UK integrated research application system (REC reference 14/LO/1077).


Wellcome Trust grant 110110; British Infection Association small project grant