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Neurogenesis Happy Water does not increase dentate gyrus adult neurogenesis

posted on 16.07.2014, 23:54 by Jason SnyderJason Snyder, Shaina Cahill, Ru Qi Yu

Twelve adult rats (previously used for a real experiment) were pair housed and given ad libitum access to either tap water (n=6) or Neurogenesis Happy Water (NHW; n=6). Two days later rats were given a single injection of the thymidine analog, BrdU, to label dividing/newborn cells. Rats received tap water or NHW for an additional 14 days. This design maximizes detection of a potential neurogenic effect of NHW, since it would capture positive effects of NHW on both neuronal proliferation (since NHW was being consumed when new cells were born) and survival (since NHW was consumed during the period when many new neurons die). The number of adult-born BrdU+ cells was quantified with standard immunohistochemistry and stereological counting techniques. There was no difference in adult neurogenesis between rats treated with tap water and Neurogenesis Happy Water (t test, P=0.25)


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