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EmojiGrid: supplemental material

posted on 16.07.2018, 11:36 authored by Alexander ToetAlexander Toet, Daisuke KanekoDaisuke Kaneko, Shota Ushiama, Sofie Hoving, Inge de Kruijf, Anne-Marie Brouwer, Victor Kallen, Jan B.F. van Erp

Research on food-experience is typically challenged by the way questions are worded. We therefore developed the EmojiGrid: a graphical (language-independent) intuitive self-report tool to measure food-related valence and arousal. The EmojiGrid is a valid affective self-report tool that does not rely on written instructions and that can efficiently be used to measure food-related emotions.


This work was supported by Kikkoman Europe R&D Laboratory B.V.