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Data and Rcode from the article "Global ecosystem thresholds driven by aridity", doi: 10.1126/science.aay5958

Data from " Berdugo, M., M. Delgado-Baquerizo, S. Soliveres, R. Hernández-Clemente, Y. Zhao, J. J. Gaitán, N. Gross, H. Saiz, V. Maire, A. Lehman, M. C. Rillig, R. V. Solé & F. T. Maestre. Global ecosystem thresholds driven by aridity. Science .... "
There is one folder with the database (6 files), and another with the bootstrapped parameters of the regressions presented in Fig. S2. Another file called "threshold final2" contains bootstrapped thresholds presented in Figure 1. Data regarding global maps and remote sensing can be downloaded freely from original sources. There are also two files with the necessary code to generate figures and perform analyses in R code. All the methodological details can be found in the article.


BIODESERT. European Research Council, grant agreement 647038

BIOCOM. European Research Council, grant agreement 242658

BIOMORES. CIDEGENT/2018/041 from Generalitat Valenciana


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