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Consensus signatures for LINCS L1000 perturbations

LINCS L1000 measures the transcriptional response to perturbations. However, a single perturbagen is often assessed at several conditions, such as dosages, timepoints, or cell lines. A consensus signature meta-analyzes several input signatures and condenses them into a single output signature.

We've computed consensus signatures for:

+ 1,170 DrugBank compounds
+ 4,326 gene knockdowns
+ 2,413 gene overexpressions
+ 38,327 L1000 perturbations

Each signature contains dysregulation z-scores for 7,467 genes (978 measured and 6,489 inferred, see `genes.tsv`). The `consensi-{type}.tsv.bz2` files contain the perturbagen × gene matrix of z-scores. The `dysreg-{type}.tsv` files contain significantly dysregulated genes. The `dysreg-{type}-summary.tsv` files provide the counts of significantly up/down-regulated genes per perturbagen.

Our methods are available [on Thinklab](https://doi.org/10.15363/thinklab.d43#7). The [project GitHub repository](https://github.com/dhimmel/lincs) contains all of the datasets here besides `consensi-pert_id.tsv.bz2` due to its large file size.

If using these datasets, please attribute this figshare deposition and the LINCS L1000 project. Also please abide by the data release policy for the [NIH LINCS Program](http://www.lincsproject.org/data/data-release-policy/).

This is not an official LINCS L1000 repository. Users are warned that our modifications may have introduced errors or removed signal that was present the original data. We thank the L1000 team for posting their data and providing support including online office hours.