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Biology lessons for schools using the fruit fly Drosophila

posted on 07.05.2020, 08:46 by Andreas ProkopAndreas Prokop, Sanjai Patel

OVERVIEW: An overview of resources given here is listen under this link: https://droso4schools.wordpress.com/learning-resources/

RATIONALE: For more than 100 years the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster has been at the forefront of biological research and thus provides highly refined conceptual understanding of biology. Accordingly, much of the core biology curriculum can be explained extremely well using flies, spiced up with exciting, simple and inexpensive experiments that are memorable, reflect contemporary research and provide students with clear comprehension. Here we provide readily tested school biology lessons in form of PowerPoint files which are supported by explanatory background information, risk assessments, lesson plans, instructions and any other additional information that may save teachers time and effort to set up these lessons in their own classes. Furthermore, we set up the droso4schools website (link below) which provides further support materials suitable for revision or homework tasks, or simply to enhance the learning experience. Further Drosophila-specific information and resources can be found under the second link given below.

If you find our resources helpful for your teaching, please, help us by sending an informal email to Andreas.Prokop@manchester.ac.uk


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